Lake Country Strings is dedicated to helping students lead successful lives both now and in the future and here's how...

  • Creating positive learning environments - Mistakes are seen as neutral information to learn from and progress. Students are not belittled, cut-down, or neglected due to lack of "talent", but are encouraged to work hard and progress through sequential steps of learning.
  • Tailoring lessons to students' needs - Lessons at LCS are not "cookie-cutter" lessons, but are adapted to meet each student's needs. Music, games, and activities are carefully chosen to enable healthy student growth.
  • Encouraging healthy parent/child relationships - LCS encourages healthy parent/child relationships in all of its programs. Parental involvement is strongly encouraged children's lessons, classes, and home practice using praise, patience, and consistency. Children delight to please their parents by showing them newly developed skills or simply playing their newest piece for them.
  • Providing help for both parents and children - LCS realizes that practicing can be challenging for both parents and children. Regular support as well as ideas for successful, efficient practice is provided for both parents and children.
  • Developing physical awareness in playing - Students learn important physical awareness and sensitivity to reduce injury and pain in private string instruction. LCS closely monitors students' violin/viola set-up and readily adapts equipment for student comfort.
  • Preparing for competition/auditions/etc. - LCS supports students in their pursuits in competitions, youth orchestra and college auditions, and recital preparations. LCS realizes that these pursuits provide students with valuable experiences and skills and seeks to best enable students to benefit from them.
  • Performing in community venues - Students at LCS perform regularly in community venues like assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Not only do residents enjoy young peoples' presence, but students develop a love and sensitivity for others.
  • Strengthening common developmental skills - Musical study at LCS reinforces common child developmental skills like focus, attention, control of one's body, critical thinking and listening, and social skills.