Studio Policy

  1. Age of Students
  • Lake Country Strings enrolls any student above the age of three. Acceptance of three-year-olds will be based on the parent and teacher’s discretion of whether or not the student is ready for lessons.
  • Adult students are encouraged to take lessons even if they have no previous string experience.
  1. Materials Needed
    • A correctly sized instrument and bow in good working order
    • Rosin and cleaning cloth
    • Metronome or metronome app
    • Flashcards
    • Music books chosen by the teacher
    • Email Address (all communication, including billing, is done via email and the website)
  2. Registration
    • Prospective students receive a 30-minute complimentary lesson to see how they work with the teacher as well as to allow the teacher to assess the prospective family’s potential ability in working with this studio. This lesson is a trial lesson and does not mean automatic admittance into the studio. Following the lesson, the teacher will send an email indicating acceptance or not of student. Registration may occur after acceptance letter has been received.
    • New students have until the start date of the current semester to register for private lessons.
    • Current students are automatically enrolled for lessons unless a written notice of termination has been received. 
  • Lesson times will be assigned no later than one-week prior to the start of lessons based on the lesson availability information on the student’s registration form.
  • Lesson scheduling preferences will go to families who follow the registration guidelines.
  • Preferred lesson times are not guaranteed but assigned whenever possible.
  1. Attendance Policy
    • Tuition is for enrollment, not attendance. Students will not receive refunds, or tuition credits for absences. Make-up lessons will be made-up at the availability and discretion of the instructor. As a courtesy, students need to notify the teacher if they are unable to attend a private lesson.
    • In the case of the teacher’s absence, students either will receive credit for the lesson or a make-up lesson.
    • Students are encouraged to request extra lessons. Tuition fees will be billed accordingly.
  1. Inclement Weather Days
    • If the Lake Country School District closes due to inclement weather, Lake Country Strings will also close. An email will be sent to students if this is the case.
    • Students will only receive credit for their private lessons if the Lake Country School District closes due to weather.
  2. Make-up Day
    • Understanding that conflicts arise that cause students to occasionally miss a lesson, make-up lessons on days other than the regular teaching days are given only if the teacher has availability.
    • Students should contact the teacher as soon as to schedule a make-up day/time.
  3. Lesson Termination 
    • Students must complete the semester before terminating lessons.
    • Students wishing to terminate lessons must notify Lake Country Strings 4 weeks in advance.
    • No refund of semester tuition or semester tuition forgiveness will be made for students choosing to terminate lessons before the semester is completed.
  1. Making A Payment
    • Check: Payments may be made by check. Checks should be made out to Melody Steinbart and handed to the teacher or mailed to Melody Steinbart W305 N7153 County Rd. E Hartland, WI 53029.
    • Cash: Payments may be made by cash. Cash should be handed to the teacher or mailed to Melody Steinbart W305N7153 County Rd. E Hartland, WI 53029
  2. Payment Amounts/Due Dates
    • Invoices will be emailed once a month. Please contact Melody Steinbart via email with any billing questions.
    • The entire semester payment is due by the first lesson. If families prefer to pay by month, they must sign the payment agreement by the first lesson.
    • The first payment is due by the second lesson of the semester. All other payments are due on the 1st lesson of the month.
    • If the payment is not received within three weeks of the due date, future lessons will be canceled, and the lesson time will be open for other students.
Responsibilities of the Parent, the Student, and the Teacher
  1. The Parent or Guardian
    • Parents/guardians are responsible for bringing their students to their lessons on time and picking them up on time. Students are only allowed to stay a maximum of fifteen minutes after the lesson unless the teacher is previously notified.
    • Parents/guardians are responsible to actively listen and encourage their students.
    • Parents/guardians are responsible to attend their students’ private lesson and take notes if the students are under the age of twelve.
    • Parents/guardians are expected to practice with their students if the students are under the age of nine.
    • Parents/guardians should also provide good, quality instruments for their students to use for practice and lessons.
    • Parents/guardians should make sure their students’ instruments are properly up kept. This includes new strings and bow rehairs at least once a year.
    • Parents/guardians are responsible for attending their students’ lesson if the students are under the age of eighteen.
  2. The Student
    • Students are required to practice the assignment the teacher gives in the lesson.
    • Students are required to practice the set time that the teacher gives.
    • Students are expected to show up to lessons on time.
    • Students are expected to bring all of their necessary items – books, violin accessories, etc. – to each lesson.
    • Sign a “Music Learning Readiness Agreement” each year.
  3. The Teacher
    • The teacher is expected to be prepared for private lessons.
    • The teacher is not responsible for supervision of the students before or after the lesson.
Studio Expectation
  1. Practice effectively
  • Practice daily
  • Set a specific time to practice each day
  • When desired, break practice into smaller segments of time
  • While practicing, avoid distractions such as the phone, TV, or pets
  • Continually review assignment sheet from the week
  • Listen to good recording each week
  1. Proper Grooming, Proper Studio Use, and Proper Dress
  • Keep fingernails short, as long nails hinder good hand shape and position
  • Wash hands before the lesson
  1. Permission Waiver
    • Parents or guardians are required to sign a waiver, included in the registration form, giving permission or not for the studio to use photographs, videos, or computer files in which the student may be included in.